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When it comes to buying your perfect home, there is more to consider than how many bedrooms and the location. Most home loans are with you for 30 years, meaning choosing the right lender and loan is crucial to staying happy in your new home. Whether you’re a first time buyer or are looking for a different home to fit your lifestyle, Matt Keway can help. Learn more about the different home loans that can be financed at Icon Mortgage with Matt: Conventional, VA, FHA, and RD.

Now, if you’re unhappy with your current loan, or your financial situation has changed and a different loan type would fit your needs better, Matt Keway can still help! Refinancing home loans is one of his specialties. By refinancing a loan on your existing home, you have the opportunity to adjust your equity, change your payment amount, and even lower your interest rate. Reach out to Matt with questions about refinancing your home, and find out how it could benefit you!

Home Loans

There are many reasons why buyers choose Conventional Home Loans, including no PMI (mandatory private mortgage insurance often associated with lower down-payment loans). There are also reasons why buyers choose not to use Conventional financing, often thinking they need to put 20% down on the purchase price of the home. However, that’s not true! Conventional loan programs can be used with as little as 3% down. Matt Keway is also experienced in Fannie Mae HomeReady loans, Freddie Mac, and HomeStyle Renovation loans! Click here for more information on these home loans.

An FHA Mortgage Loan is a great alternative for first time home buyers, especially those that do not have the credit score or the money down to do a traditional Conventional Mortgage, and still want a great mortgage with low interest rates. FHA loans only require 3.5% down, can have closing cost assistance, and have lower credit qualifying requirements than traditional conventional mortgages. To ready more about the benefits of FHA home loans, click here!

FHA home loans

VA home loans

Are you or your spouse a veteran or active member of the US Military? If yes, you may qualify for a VA, or Veterans Affairs, loan. VA loans are a unique type of mortgage loan that can be used to purchase a family’s single-family home, whether it’s a condo, new construction single family,  manufactured home, or older home. The Department of Veterans Affairs does not originate your loan, but they set the guidelines and requirements for mortgages that can be offered under a VA loan. Because VA loans are backed by the Department, no PMI is added to the monthly mortgage payment, whereas other low or no down payment loan options typically have PMI. Matt Keway can also refinance existing loans with a VA loan- click for more details!

Rural Development home loans, or RD loans, are a fantastic opportunity for moderate income buyers to finance a loan. With lower qualifying requirements, such as only a 620 credit score and no down payment required, RD loans have been helping families own their homes for years. Our local Michigan area is largely included in the RD program. Contact Matt Keway for more information on if your dream home qualifies!

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