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Find Your Perfect Mortgage Rate.

Local mortgage lender Matt Keway has over ten years of experience helping homeowners secure their ideal loan.

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What clients say about Matt

  • Very Knowledgable
  • Smooth, hassle free process
  • Always available
  • Provides competitive interest rates
  • Solves complex financial situations

When my wife and I were house hunting, Matt helped us get all the financials in order. I had money that I was using from my 401k, money that was a gift from family, and of course all the other stuff that comes with buying a house. Matt made it all easy. He was able to get our pre-approval and it’s now been almost one year in our new home. No issues, no surprises. My mortgage is what I agreed with, and there have been no financial surprises since we closed. I already recommended Matt to my close friends! – Lewis S “Client”

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Common Loan Types

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are available through both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with only 3% down.

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Rural Development Loans

Moderate income borrowers can qualify with 620 FICO score, $0 down, and repairs included.

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Federal Housing Administration Loans

Great for first time homebuyers with many down payment, credit and interest rate options.

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Veteran Affairs Loans

Current US military members, veterans and their spouses can apply for these special loans.

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